10 Free Tools for Building Your Online Presence

  1. Google Docs. A free Web-based application for creating, editing, and storing documents. Docs is a word processing tool, similar to Microsoft Word. Sheets is the spreadsheet app, generally compatible with Excel. And Slides lets you do Powerpoint-like presentations. There are additional offerings to explore once you have mastered these. Check them out at https://www.google.com/docs/about/.
  2. Zoom.  Video-conferencing (which many of us became more familiar with than we wanted to be during the covid crisis).  The free version allows you to have up to 100 attendees for a 40-minute session.  For information on how to set up a conference, see the Getting Started section of Zoom.
  3. Paypal.  Get a free Paypal account to make or receive online payments.  You can register a credit card with Paypal and enjoy added security for your online purchases.   One of the advantages of using Paypal is avoiding giving your credit card details to a merchant to be stored on their server.  You may also set up a business.   account to use for your online store.  Get started at Paypal.com.
  4. Canva.  Free online design studio.  Use their library of templates and images, or upload your own.  Be sure to check out the new video options at Canva.com.  Also, check out their training videos here.
  5. Unsplash.  A great source for free imagery for your site or blog.  Browse by topic, and select an appropriate download size.  Be sure to give your favorite photographers a shout-out of appreciation!. Unsplash.com
  6. Dropbox.  PC crashed?  No problem — because you have saved all your working files on Dropbox, so you can access them from the library’s PC while you wait on repairs.  Or create a folder so you can share files with your co-workers.  Dropbox.com
  7. PicResize.  Quick and easy online image editor when you just need a quick change.  Try it out here:  PicResize.com.
  8. GIMP.  The open-source version of Photoshop.  If you love tweaking your photos, this is a great tool, with lots of YouTube training available to help you quickly get up to speed to optimize those images.  Download it at Gimp.org.
  9. Bitly.  Shrink those affiliate marketing URL’s with this tool.  Try it out at Bitly.com.
  10. Aweber.  Get started for free with this mailing list tool.  Grows with you as your business grows.  Aweber.com

I’d love to hear which is your favorite — leave a comment below.

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