So on Day 1 I think I contacted support about 5 times. Alex and Randy are probably already tired of hearing from me — but I did warn them that I’m the type of person who really needs to know everything. The book reference for the day, “Go Giver,” was a gem. It is a theme you hear from the best of the best in internet marketing — it is really about the service. If you do an excellent job there, the rewards will follow. I have a feeling that I will be doing a lot more serious reading and perhaps a few less cozy mysteries for the next 60 days. Only a little over my hour to finish the book. Oh, for future reference, I was able to get the book through Hoopla. That is a site that connects through your local library and provides free loans of books, audiobooks, and videos. I got the audio book and was able to listen through my chores and dinner to finish.

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