We have worked this week on getting our mailing lists activated in Aweber — or our mail manager of choice.  As with all of the other material, John was able to quickly bring us up to speed on the technology, and now the hard work starts.  (Well, I have to confess that John did give us the first set of follow up emails…)

But in today’s hour-long video we got to hear Randy and John talk about what makes an email successful.  The great thing about having the training online is that I can now listen to this again and again as I start putting together my own daily / weekly emails to my customers.

Tomorrow will be the last day of part 1, and I will be discontinuing these daily reports once part 1 is finished.  I’ll be moving into developing a product of my own, and progress won’t proceed as rapidly as building the infrastructure.  Expect more from me on introverts, low-pressure and no-pressure selling, and without a doubt more suggestions on books on the subject.

Today’s book suggestion will be a book by Susan Cain.  Susan started on her road to fame with a TED talk back in 2012, describing what it was like to be an introverted child in a world that values extroverts.  She works actively today with the education community to build approaches that let the quiet child capitalize on their strengths.  If you have or know a person with a quiet child, Susan’s insights may make a difference in his or her life.  Check out the links below.

Susan Cain: The power of introverts | TED Talk

Check out Susan’s website QUIET REVOLUTION.

Learn more from Susan’s book on Amazon:

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