Listening to Randy and John this morning, I kept zoning out…so I took a short break to grab an extra coffee. I am about half-way through last nights reading assignment on blogging — nice to see that today’s initial lesson is on blogging!

An aside for myself — I’ve been turning over in my mind what my skillsets are — for producing my own product. One thing I want to capture is a skill that I discovered when I was working at a help desk. I am really good at troubleshooting. When a problem was particularly sticky and our normal resolution methods did not work, I was the go-to person to help backtrack the problem and find new ways of looking at it. Not sure if I can fit this into a product or not, but I wanted to capture the thought.

Back to today…

I’m going back through some of my other notes — “an hour or so a day for the next 60 days”. Today is perfect — we have a 1 hour video to watch on blogging that ties in beautifully with the reading from yesterday.  


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