Day 4 of my online marketing journey is devoted to blog posts–how to do it, what to say, how to say it.

One of the marketing concepts I learned early in my career was the idea of “share of mind”.  The company had a tiered distribution channel — us, wholesaler, retailer, consumer.  So one of our challenges was to make sure that the entire channel presented our product as a top-of-the-line, premium product to the consumer.  We had an entire program whose only purpose was to keep our product front and center in the minds of our wholesalers and retailers.  That included an entire sales division that helped the wholesalers help the retailers serve the customers.  It was a very competitive market, so staying Number One in the minds of the distribution channel was critical.

Building a business around an affiliate distribution channel should be the same.  Having a premium product but not having the support system in place for your affiliates means that you will not achieve the level of success that is possible when your product line is the first thing your affiliates think of as they prepare to promote a product.



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