Today we are learning how to link text and images to items we want to promote.  We started by going through the promotional material from an affiliate offer, selecting images and text to be used on our site to easily, professionally promote the sites of our recommended affiliates.  It is very straightforward — and my site now has a dedicated area for collecting emails, directing people to other offers, and a simple way to embed linked text or banners into my posts.

We’re using John’s sites as our training links, but since I think he is awesome I’ll be leaving them up for a while.  Feel free to click and explore his offers to see why I have found him such a compelling trainer.  And for all my American fans, John’s British accent is sure to delight!

I would love some feedback on my journal — please comment below or send me an email at  If you are also working on a new site, email me your link and I’ll be happy to provide some feedback as well.  Now more than ever, we are all in this together!


Want to learn more?  Join former factory worker turned million-dollar marketer John Thornhill as he reveals his proven system for building your own successful online business.

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