Learning challenging things has always been one of my passions. The field of internet marketing offers unlimited opportunities for both learning and challenge. My mission is to learn how to put those together to make the world a better place.  I am currently investigating how introverts like me can excel in the internet marketing world that is in love with “over the top” presentations. The strengths that introverts can bring to the table…the ability to be quiet long enough to really listen, a strong focus on the processes and detail needed, the drive to understand the inner workings of our activities and promotions…those qualities create a strong foundation to add creative, unique elements to our field and achieve amazing success.

You can usually find me with my husband in Saint Louis, Missouri in a 100-year-old condo, in an area called “the West End..”  I chase my two grandkids around whenever their Mom is willing to part with them.  When she is not blowing glass, I try to drag her into my own crafting hobbies, because we share a love of all things that involve glass, yarn, and string.  

I am currently retired but spent most of my career at a Fortune 500 company. I was privileged to work with some of the world’s greatest marketers in the role of technology support. Retirement is a wonderful profession, but after years of enjoying my time off with my family, the time has come to rejoin productive society and find ways to “give back”.  

In one of many jobs of my youth–long before online calendars–we had to put our initials on a whiteboard to show what times we were available for calls.  And of course, I got tagged immediately with a nickname that stuck. So, just call me Mac, and join my newsletter to keep up on the latest adventures.