Email marketing remains one of the most consistent ways to sell your products online. Make a great offer in return for a visitor’s email address, and you instantly have a potential new customer. Your offer could be an e-book, a newsletter, or anything else that has value. Once you have a list of potential customers, it’s important that you know how to develop a marketing campaign to make the most of your list.  Here are four tips on creating a successful campaign.

  •  Give Your Customers What They Want

    The number one rule for online success is to give your customers what they want. Create variations of your product, and offer choices. Let them check a box to join a certain group or newsletter. Offer a discount for list members who have been with you for a period of time. Always send timely, relevant content and your customers will look forward to your emails.

  • Edit, Edit, Edit

    One of the biggest mistakes made is to overlook grammar and style errors in your emails. Always step away from the screen after drafting your email, then return and read the entire email to make sure your message flows. Then, read backward from the end to the beginning. This is an editor’s trick that more effectively catches errors such as double words, misspellings, and punctuation as a final step. A well-edited email speaks to your professionalism and attention to detail.

  • View the email on different devices

    Mobile devices and different email clients display emails differently. Send out a test email to different devices to make sure that it appears correctly on the screen. If your message doesn’t display well on a phone, you can use a tool such as xxx to force the width of each line. Now you are ready to send it out to your list with confidence that both the message and the presentation are your best.

  • Create a Publishing Calendar

    Nothing will lose your subscribers faster than long lags between your messages. When you don’t send anything for months, your customers will forget you and fail to open the email — or worse, open it and unsubscribe or mark it as spam. Plan to send out at least one email each week. On your publishing calendar, detail what type of message you will send each week and what the main message will be. You can utilize a service such as Aweber or Mailchimp to prepare all the emails at one time and let the service send them on the dates you specify.

With a plan in place, you are now ready to keep in contact with your customers regularly and let them know about the awesome new products and tools you have waiting for them.  Good luck!

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